Lots happening at Cherrytrees!

new-tent-extensionIt’s been a glorious summer so far, with lots of exciting things happening at Cherrytrees!

We’re delighted to have our first wedding booking for next July, and several inquiries. We’ve also held a drinks reception for over 80 people and tried out a new tent attached to the conservatory, which looks great, and provided welcome shelter on possibly the only rainy day this season!

The roses have been amazing this year, with beautiful pink blooms going on forever thanks to the weather, and now growing nicely along their ropes.

CBD-Cherrytrees1Meanwhile, welcome to our new website! It’s been great to find a talented creative team right here in the Borders: Tania and Craig of Galashiels design studio – Cohorts by Design brought in Melrose-based photographers Alex Aikman and Lloyd Smith, along with writer Jules Horne of Texthouse in Selkirk for web copy. Cherrytrees has featured in Aikman Smith wedding photoshoots before, and it’s fantastic to see the gardens given full justice in their beautiful photography.

We’re also on Facebook, and planning to blog on a regular basis, so watch this space!